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Thread: Mac 8500 won't shut down - USB problem

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    When I do special/shut down, my Mac restarts. I've been through a number of previous similar threads and have tried the typical fixes (details below). When I remove the MacAlly UH275 PCI USB card (Omni chip), it shuts down OK. So I'm looking for a recommendation for a different 2-4 port PCI USB card that works for someone else with a similar configuration. Any other ideas to fix this? Thanks.
    Machine details:
    Mac 8500 w/ Sonnet Crescendo G3 450 MHz
    OS 9.1
    USB Card Support driver 1.4.1
    Mouse & card reader on USB

    What I've tried that has not worked:
    remove all USB external devices
    turn off all extensions
    reinstall driver
    zap PRAM
    reset CUDA
    delete all preferences
    only removing the card seems to work
    I have NOT tried removing the G3 board.

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    You might want to try USB_DDK_1.5.5f1 before you buy another card. Have you tried using TechTool Lite etc to zap PRAM? Open Firmware reset-defaults?

    Do you need use USB or FW also in a card? OWC: USB cards

    MacInTouch USB report "In some instances it may be necessary to re-install the latest version of USB Adapter Card Support after installing Mac OS 9 in order to restore function for USB PCI Adapter cards." There are a lot of good tips in there worth checking out. One guy tried 4 other usb cards before settling on OrangeMicro (I use one in B&W, but also Belkin 2-port and previously XLR8 dual-port).

    USB 1.5.5 or 1.5.6 (but not 1.5.8) should work. Some people try the extensions from OS 9.2.2.

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    Installing 1.5.5 seems to have done the trick. Thank you! I see in the driver history file that something was done to fix power management with USB PCI cards in 1.5.1, so I guess that's when the fix went in.
    Thanks again for the help, and saving me a few bucks.

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    ?Gregory, awesome! I can't believe you hit that so perfectly. Wow


    Quis Custodiet Custodes Ipsos?

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