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Thread: very long start-up time with 9.2.1

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    i am using a g3/266 mt, with os 9.2.1, a 20" old dell bnc monitor. it seems that when i switched from 9.1 to 9.2.1, now it takes forever to restart. monitor goes off, waits...., finally comes back, then the drive waits forever to spin up. (memory check is off) what is in 9.2.1 that would cause this? it's not life threatening, just annoying.

    thanx for any assistance.....bobt

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    Most people on the forums here at GURU's like OS 9.1 -stable and reliable- if you are only going to run a OS 9.x system. There is nothing to really to gain by going to 9.2.x. That was more of a step getting ready for OS X. But if you are running OS X and need 9.2 for "classic" then you need it.

    There should be a different issue than the OS because it should not be that much different or slower.

    How much RAM do you have? What video card are you using? Knowing this info would help.


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    Try cleaning up your extensions. Look at what PCI cards you have. Stuff that worked in the past - a few system items and PCI cards and drivers, needed to be updated.

    Try backup, initialize, clean install even. The latest FW extensions and OpenTransport and ATI extensions can be added.

    On a pre-Beige, I'd say avoid 9.2.2, but in your case...? Do you have "enough" memory, a good current hard drive? video card or upgrade? Might want to look at G3/800 or the G4/1000 upgrades... or save up and wait for a G4.

    reset open firmware:

    command option OF on startup

    > init-nvram
    > set-defaults
    > reset-all

    During startup, mid-way through:

    command option AV to reset nvram in some monitors.

    Try another monitor? try putting it on Radeon video card?

    When you upgraded to 9.2.1, was it from a full install CD? that usually provides the best install, and would update the disk driver if Apple's.

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    Dear Bob,

    I have a Beige G3 MT just like yours and I am running OS9.2.2 too. I have upgraded mym memory to 768MB RAM. Since then, I am experiencing the same start up delay as you are; it takes about 1,1/2 minutes to put the desktop up, then another 30 secs or so to put all the icons on the desktop.

    If you have recently upgraded your RAM to 512MB or better, it is quite normal that the G3 takes so long to start up. It doesn't help checking the memory off, as the system puts it back on, on your next cold boot.

    The long waiting you get is due to the memory controller checking all the addresses available on the RAM sticks; it's normal. It means it is doing it's duty.

    I have learned to live with it. My humble suggestion is to do the same.

    However, if on the other hand you did NOT upgrade your memory to 512MB or more, then I would tend to follow Gregory's suggestions; it could well be you do have some system extensions conflits in there.
    Post back to us more details about your Mac, so that we can help you better; e.g.:
    <LI>How much RAM you have installed?
    <LI>Which OS9.2.1 Apple installation CD you have used (generic or OEM machine specific)?
    <LI>What kind of hard disk you have in there?
    <LI>Did you upgrade making a "clean" OS install or did you performe a new hard disk's initialization using HFS+ standard?
    <LI>What kind of video graphics you've installed in there? Is it still the OEM one or you've installed a PCI graphic card?
    <LI>Have you performed other kinds of expansions?[/list]

    Let us know.


    Take it to the Max, Mac!

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    I don't use 9.2.2 that much, but never noticed a delay. However, I know from others that a PCI IDE card DOES increase startup delays, and not just Beige. I've got 768MB of PC100 (Crucial).

    Part of it is going to be process speed and disk drive, too.

    Maybe... guessing here, 9.2.2 is better than 9.2.1 in some way? 9.2.1 made some low level changes to the system in some manner than affected G3's but not G4's (and maybe Apple skipped on the G3's? while busy getting 10.1 out?) 9.2.1 was Sept 2001 and 'broke' firmware on my UL3S B&W, but no effect on G4's... really odd stuff.

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