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Thread: Apple 21in Studio Display turned green (help)...

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    Hay Guys:

    Got a questions on a weird thing with my 21 inch stuidio Display, its a graphite model with a 4 port USB hub built in it. I was away for a weekend, and when i came back and turned on my mac the screen turned green on me. Well i thought it burned out on me, then i turned off the G4 and monitor. Unpluged everything for about 20min. Turned it all back on and was fine. Then after a few min it turned green again. So i decided to Calibrate my monitor. Calibrate crashed 3 times on me, it said calibrate failed. So i tried one more time and it worked. Now the screen was bright as hell, and i mean bright. So i turned everything off again, restarted and recalibrated it. And all is back to normal as i never left it last week. As far as i know there was no power outages and no one else uses my G4.

    Is this a sign of the screen going?

    Or just a fluke?

    Never happened before with my old G4 450 with ATI 8500.

    My screen is set at

    1792x1344 60hz -- Millions
    ATi 9000 video card

    Any thoughts or ideas that it my be burning out on me or just some sort of fluke would help me out.


    G4 1.25 DP (MDD/FW800) -- 1.25gig Ram -- 2x18gig SCSI -- 40gig & 80gig ATAs (all Seagates)
    ATi Radion 9000 -- 21 Inch Apple Studio Display

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    I think all ColorSync's were jinxed, probably just its way of letting you know that the warranty expired yesterday

    Open Firmware reset, and there is also an "AV" command + option (in 9.x anyway) midway through startup to clear nvram held in the monitor. Search Apple KB for the article.

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