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Thread: reformat a hard drive

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    I need help.
    our Apple work group server 8150/110 HD crashed. I have look for
    another "1994" 1000MB IBM Model DPES-31080 designed for Apple with no luck.

    I was told that a IBM Modle DPES-31080 would work.The HD is now formated for a IBM computer. How do I reformat the HD for a Apple Computer and what do I need to do this.

    Thank you for helping.

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    What OS are you running? What you want to format any drive, SCSI or IDE, is Drive Setup which is in the ftp under Apple. Another is IntechUSA HardDisk Speedtools 3.5. Any narrow drive or wide LVD drive with adapter, should work, they're all 1" form factor. Getting harder to find narrow drives. Any drive larger than 2GB needs to be partitioned so that the system is on the first volume within the first 1.9GB. I haven't looked but using any ftp program should work.

    Another option is go to and download software section, utilities, ExpressTools 2.82 which works with any SCSI drive also.

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