PCP210 with stock IBM drive and gurus purchased Seagate drive (maybe 2 years old now).

My current setup has my system software and applications on the IBM and documents on the Seagate. I've had lots of problems the last couple of weeks...crashing on boot and restarts...and even more frustrating crashing while saving a document. More recently, the Seagate won't even mount on startup and I'm unable to get it to mount later.

Nothing has been added to the setup recently. I've check the connections of the scsi cable and power cable and double checked the termination settings. A couple days ago, the Seagate mounted and the System software warned of an error with the drive (several times) and then it unmounted.

I do not have the crashing problems when the Seagate doesn't mount, or when I boot with it disconnected.

Finally, the Seagate did mount just fine last night. Norton, Intech HDSD, and Disk First Aid found no problems with the drive.

Everything is backed up. I'm not in danger of any data loss. What should I do next?

Thanks for the help.