I purchased Jag for my 466mhg G4 and installed it just fine. It would crash over and over, prompting me to restart though. I then realized that my G4 had a SCSI card in it I didn't use. So, once I took it out, it installed fine.

So, since then, I've sold that machine and purchased a used 933 QS. It came with an airport card, and to my knowledge, no SCSI card or weird vid card (GeForce MX 64mb). Everything factory including 512mb of Kingston ram (Apple). I installed a replacement HDD. A Western Digital WD800 w/ the 8mb cache. I partitioned the HDD into 2 partitions I then tried to install Jag and couldn't. I would get prompted to restart my machine during the install. A white box would pop up at any given point of the install telling me this, and in several different languages. So, I took the airport card out and tried again. Same thing.

So, I decided to go ahead and install OS9.2.2 on one partition and 10.1.2 on the other. Both installed great and the Mac purr's like a kitten. So then I try installing Jag again, this time reading the "Read Me" over again. This time I get the "restart" message instantly. Rebooted, this time I got while reading the read me. Rebooted, got half way thru the install, REBOOT.

I don't understand this. Everything on this machine is factory. The machine is practically brand new (even though it's used...the guy never used it).

I triple checked my CD's and they don't have a scratch on them. I even had my buddy bring his Jag CD's over just in case... and the same thing happens. It's simply NOT my CD's.

Does anyone have a single clue as to what I should do? The machine isn't covered by Apple Care unfortunately, and I don't live too close to an Apple Store.

I really want to get Jag installed and my new baby up and running the right way. Please help!