Here I am with another one I can't solve. (Gregory, this time I *do* have it plugged in! )
I have a Pismo 'book, pretty stock (400 G3/384 ram/6 gig drive)running 10.2.4. The original battery is working fine. I picked up a battery that was said to be working. When I slip it in to the book OSX sees it. When I press the button on the battery to check the charge level I get one flashing green light. I looked all over Apple's site and found the battery reset/recondition stuff but it all seems to be for an older book. When I run the battery reset app I am told that the book doesn't need it.

Thankfully, I did not pay much for this battery, but I would like to get it to work if I can.

The battery is M7318.

Thanks for any help

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