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Thread: Replace LCD on PB G4

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    I have 2 G4 PB's (667 & 800 DVI) one has a small dent on the top cover.

    I want to know if I can split the LCD casing and swap the top part out with the other PB ?

    Or do I have to swap the complete LCD screen, casing and all ?

    I took out the 4 screws around the edge of the LCD casing but nothing seems to budge and I don't want to force it .

    Any help, links etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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    i went there once. Don't go there.

    The LCD assembly is best left as a whole unit, it appears there is some trick to how the cables are routed internally.

    I am not certain that those 2 models have interchangeable LCDs. The 400/500 one is OK to use on a 550/667, but they differ somehow from the 800s.

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