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Thread: orphaned indirect nodes

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    I've been having a mildly concerning problem with my HD . When i start up in single user or verbose mode the fsck check reports problems with orphaned indirect nodes and that the volume bit map needs minor repair. This gets repaired (also if i'm in single user mode i run fsck -y again) yet happens again the next time i boot in verbose or single mode .

    When i run First Aid from my Jaguar install CD it doesn't report anything wrong . Yet when i startup using single user then run fsck again it finds the orphaned indirect nodes again ????

    Can anyone tell why this ? Is it something i should be concerned about ? Does it warrant a reformat and reinstall ?

    OS X 10.2.4 , 256MB Ram , Graphite Imac 600 mhz etc

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    First try a "Safe Mode" startup (shift key held down) which will repair the directory and likely help. If not, boot into OS 9 and run Disk First Aid from there, followed by Disk Warrior. Follow up with Norton or TechTool Pro maybe. I haven't given the latest Drive10 (1.1.4) a workout yet but worth looking into (probably a free upgrade or small fee when TechTool Pro 4 is released around May 1st).

    You can run diskutil to run repairs or run fsck from the terminal (but you have to issue a shutdown -now command). With fsck is that you want to force a rebuild of the directory, those are enabled with " -f -r" options.

    Do you have a bootable volume with another copy of OS X installed? One from which you can repair your main system? A small 4-5GB volume on the end of your hard drive or bootable firewire would help. It would also allow you to erase your system and clone OS X back (faster than running Disk warrior etc, or than a reinstall).

    Once done and you've run Repair Permissions, run the combined OS X 10.2.4 updater (79MB).

    Apple has been very good about posting tips and updates. Recent KB changes

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