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Thread: Stylewriter 1200 desktop software in 8.6 freezing machine...

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    An all in one 5400/200 with 64 mb of ram was freezing on me. I tracked it down to the desktop printing software with 8.6. I could not figure out a solution, so I reinstalled the original software,
    76.1 and it works fine.
    Is there a solution with 8.5 or 8.6 that I don't know about? Seems that without the desktop utility, I can't print, and, when I use it, it won't print sometimes, and, on these occassions, it freezes the computer on boot.

    Problem is, the version of msft Word that we use doesn't like anything below 8.1. I'm wondering if a fresh install with 8.5 might help, or is this just a common problem with 8.5-6?


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    I've got a 5200/75 and have used a stylewriter 2500 with it, running 8.6. However, I do not like the desktop printer extension, so I always disable it with extension manager, as well as the desktop printer spooler. This machine only has 64 MB RAM and just the one printer so I just select the printer with the chooser and leave it be.
    As for your situation, a fresh clean install of 8.5 and then the 8.6 update couldn't hurt, but I suggest you stop using the desktop printmonitor unless you need to select different printers and don't want to do it throught the chooser.

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    I've been running a StarMax 4000/200 under OS 8.6 with a StyleWriter II connected. Granted it's not a StyleWriter 1200, but you still use the 1200 driver for the StyleWriter II (and 1 for that matter). I have the desktop icon for the printer but not the printer menu in the menubar. I haven't had any troubles with startup or printing. I'll probably be working on that machine this weekend, I'll see if I can replicate your problem and/or figure out what makes mine different.

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