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Thread: Playing movies with a DVD-RAM

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    I have hunted high and low for an answer to this, but all I find is a repeat of what I already believed, and that DVD-RAM is for storage, don't bother playing DVDs with it.
    However....... of my long-standing customers has gone and bought himself a DVD-RAM to go in his 9600 and he wants to know what software/hardware is necessary to play DVD movies. As far as I am aware he is going to need a DVD decoder card - am I right so far? If so has anybody got any suggestions as to what and where from?
    Unfortunately I don't have one lying around to test this out for myself so I am hoping that some kind soul out there has an answer for me.

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    I looked here and selected DVD-RAM and OS9.1. Some reports of course don't apply but there were some vintage Mac reports of success but it was noted that you need either a DVD decoder card or a Rage 128 or Radeon.

    As far as software only, I see there is an app for PeeCees but could not find anything for the Mac. k

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