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Thread: upgrade on a 8500 150/problems

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    I am upgrading a 8500 150 with a sonnet g4 450- I did not load os9.1 before starting the installation- this is my order of operations----. I took out the rage pro 128, took out the processor, unplugged the a/v on the logic board, pulled the power out, unplugged all the cables on the top of the logic board, pulled the logic board out and added 2 128 dimms of ram and de-interleaved the ram-(i left the existing ram) - took out the L2 cache- put everything back going backwards in these steps- reset the cuda- power on and no monitor and no chime(no startup)--- feeling worried I put the machine back to the way it was leaving in the new ram- now I get a startup the machine runs except no monitor- I switched pci slots and restarted- just a sony white screen- no sign of the mac- even though it is on- I tried reseating the grahics card- and putting another card in- no luck


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    I'm no expert but I'd yank the old ram out of there. I don't know enough to know whether it would cause any graphics issues but I know when I upgraded my 8500 and had mixed RAM the machine was wacky. The new processor (mine was xlr8, so I don't know Sonnet) worked great with the new RAM. The 96Megs of old stuff I had in there wasn't any help and actually made things buggy. (sorry I don't remember any specifics)

    I'm sure someone with more experience will chime in with more substantive advice.


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    JB is on the right track. G4's put a lot of stress on the memory in those machines. If you have any 70ns sticks in there I'd pull 'em.

    Is there any VRAM on the logic board? You could try running your display off that until you get it sorted out, then put the Rage back in the mix.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> I did not load os9.1 before starting the installation-<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    What exactly do you mean by this? Which OS are you running?

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