I am upgrading a 8500 150 with a sonnet g4 450- I did not load os9.1 before starting the installation- this is my order of operations----. I took out the rage pro 128, took out the processor, unplugged the a/v on the logic board, pulled the power out, unplugged all the cables on the top of the logic board, pulled the logic board out and added 2 128 dimms of ram and de-interleaved the ram-(i left the existing ram) - took out the L2 cache- put everything back going backwards in these steps- reset the cuda- power on and no monitor and no chime(no startup)--- feeling worried I put the machine back to the way it was leaving in the new ram- now I get a startup the machine runs except no monitor- I switched pci slots and restarted- just a sony white screen- no sign of the mac- even though it is on- I tried reseating the grahics card- and putting another card in- no luck