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Thread: Testing RAM

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    I've been having problems with my G4 867 shutting down on it's own. Energy saver sleep is set to never. I reinstalled the system software. I had a new motherboard put in about 4 months ago. I've been told that power management resides on the logic board and in the RAM. Before I go get another logic board, is there any way I can test the RAM and get the final result on whether or not the RAM is bad? I've looked for RAM-o-meter but haven't found it. I ran Tech Tool Pro RAM test and the computer shut down during the middle of the test. I've ran Apple Hardware Test CD and everything checks out OK. What gives?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Shawn - there are others that will have more insight into your shut-down problem, but as far as a RAM tester, the one that most people recommend (and that I have used successfully) is Power Control by XLR8 (even thought they are no longer in business, I believe the Gurus ftp site will have it for download).

    This is the link I have: Go to the xlr8_stuff folder.

    Good luck!

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