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Thread: cpu overheat? fried?

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    I was playing warcraft 3 on my g4 gigabit when a white warning screen popped up froze everything and said to restart immediately. I have used os x for a while now and this was a strange warning. I restarted and loaded up warcraft and the same thing happened. I guessed maybe cpu overheating. I looked inside and discoverd fan was disconnected so I reconnected and then booted up. Loaded jedi knight this time and got same warning and shut down computer. this time fan was working. rebooted but came only to a black screen. Fans go on,no chime, nothing loads, led on board lights as usual , and monitor gets no signal. I figured maybe I fried the cpu. If cpu was fried would fans go on? If board was fried would the led go on? Did I fry the video card if the screen is black? Basically I want to know where to start diagnosing. Would a fried video card prevent system from booting. i bought used and have only had for a month. Worked fine before this. I tried reseating everything and reset pmu. I think something was fried but would a fried cpu give these results or is it just a simply a bad video card.

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    What you say is the "new style" (non-geek *nix) kernel panic. First thing to suspect is ram, and that could lead to corrupted directory and/or hard disk. So test the drive with Disk Warrior and test the RAM. And yes, a build-up of heat could do wonders for your new rig! Whoever sold you a system, maybe the fan connection was bad and when you hooked it back up? or it came loose during shipping? or they didn't know and didn't like th enoise of the fan so they disconnected it?

    Rick - what's with pmu on QS and later? Don't? just use an Open Firmware reset? Zap pram?

    Even video cards have to have open firmware on today's systems to allow booting.
    Being used a month old, I'd see if you are covered.

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