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Thread: g4 doesn't boot, no chime, black screen

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    When I power up my g4 there is nothing on the monitor just blackness. There is no
    usual chime and the hard drive doesn't spin up. The led on the board lights up as usual and the fans turn but other than that nothing happens.

    please help

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    ?First thing to do is check the battery voltage or replace it. The battery should read between 3.3 and 3.7 volts.

    ?Then, pull the power cord and press the PMU reset button. That button is located right next to the battery on most G4 model (you don't specify which G4 you have, if you have a PCI graphics model that is a CUDA reset and not a PMU reset button on the motherboard) Make sure you only press the reset button once as more than once can cause damage to the PMU.

    ?If you have a PCI graphics G$ then the same process should be done realizing that the CUDA isn't quite as all encompassing of a reset as the PMU is.

    ?The Power Management Unit is the microprocessor that controls startup, shutdown, sleep, clock, NVRAM and PRAM power and so on. The CUDA reset button is the power supply for the NVRAM and PRAM as well as clock power but without the microprocessor that the PMU has.

    ?Hopefully that clears you.


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