My upgraded 7500 has started having odd problems with the OS grabbing memory and not releasing it when apps are quit. The system has an XLR8 Carrier G4 450 board, 512 mb of Gurus RAM, a two Cheetah RAID and some other stuff, OS 9.1.

I first notice the problem with IE and Outlook Express. If I was in Outlook and clicked a link in an e-mail to get on the web, the later quit both apps (or either), "About..." would show the OS as still retaining 370+ mb of my RAM. A restart was the only way to get the "allocated" RAM back. I have upgraded to the latest versions of each app, no change.

Today I had a similar problem with the Acrobat plug-in running on top of IE. Got a "finder is low on memory, needs your attention..." message, and upon switching to the finder and doing an "About...." there was plenty of memory in unused blocks. Very strange.

I've checked the memory control panel, all is as it should be (no virtual, no RAM disk) Tried trashing the finder prefs, didn't make any difference. Am I missing something here??