I'm puzzled by a beige desktop G3 recently given to me by an old friend. I'm hoping some of you knowledgeable folks might have some ideas. It shows the following symptoms:

Hit power button: No response what so ever
Re-seat all memory and various circuit boards: No response
Pull all PCI cards, CD ROM, Floppy etc.: No response
Hit reset button on Mother Board: Power Supply fan spins up for about a second, various LEDs on the circuit boards turn on, then there is a solenoid sounding click from inside the power supply and the fan stops. No further response
Change PRAM battery: No response

Each time I hit the re-set button on the mother board, then try to power up, I can get the power supply fan to come on for a second and the LEDs to flash before it cuts out again.

I'm no expert on these kinds of things, but I figure there is either something shorting out causing a circuit breaker to trip, or I've got a messed up power supply. The friend who gave this to me says that the last time he booted it up was at least a year ago. At the time the internal hard drive had died and he was booting off an external SCSI disk, but otherwise it was working fine. I had been planning on booting off an OS 9 installer CD to see what I can do about the supposedly dead drive, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

Other stats:
G3 300
Media100 QX card
Macally firewire/USB card
256 megs RAM

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

-Frank McIntyre