Hi everyone, I've done lots of searching on the forums and can't seem to find exactly the answer to this. My version of Toast [4.1.2 OEM that came, I believe, with the Plextor CDRW] doesn't have things in the menu bar that have been cited in posts of how to make a bootable CD--specifically, all I have under the "Utilities" menu is "Compare" and "Check Aliases". I can't find anywhere under any circumstances a checkbox labelled "Make Bootable". I tried re-installing the Toast software-thinking maybe there's been some corruption somewhere, but I get exactly the same menu situation with the new install. I've made 2 unsuccessful attempts at writing a bootable CD with O/S 9.2 [what I'm currently running on my beige G3], including using DiskCopy.

I'm interested in creating a bootable CD with HDST, DiskWarrior, and Norton's so that I can give a clean start to my G3 laptop's HD.

Any ideas? Many thanks--MJ