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Thread: Self-adhesive labels through laser printer?

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    well these labels that I want to send through the laserwriter 4/600 say they are "Blank Die-Cut Labels for Offset & Letterpress Printing" - does anyone know if Offset and Letterpress printing involve a lot of heat? I don't really want to wrap these labels around the drum in the laser, and I've already been warned to use only labels that say on them they are for laser printers, for just that reason. No, I can't easily replace this specific label with one intended specifically for laser printers. These have an "aggressive adhesive" lots of self-adhesive labels don't have a strong enough adhesive for the plastic I'm fixing the labels to.

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    Offset and letterpress printing do not involve much heat at all. I've had pretty good luck feeding all manner of labels though the HP 5000 I have in my shop, but your milage may vary.

    Good luck..

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