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    HELP! I'm stumped. I came home from vacation to find the phone line "dead". The clocks were blinking, and I assume the power went out probably because a thunderstorm (imac has a surge protecter, but not the phone line). After some troubleshooting, I found that when I unhooked the phone line from the imac (which was off), everything worked. After cranking up the imac, I found that it would not connect to my ISP, it gave me the warning that it couldn't detect a dial tone. As soon as I plug the phone line back into the imac (on or off) the phones don't work (our phone displays the message "line in use").
    The machine: imac 333Mhz, internal 56k modem, OS 8.6
    ISP: Earthlink
    Browser & E-mail: Explorer and Outlook Express 5.02
    What I've done: I checked modem control panels (configurations), internet setup assistant, TCP/IP control panels. I have re-installed all the software, zapped the PRAM, run disk doctor, re-built the desktop, tried different phone lines, and upgraded the modem (firmware) software from the apple download site.
    What has happened: I have actually got the modem to work twice; once I turned on the "ignore dial tone", and once I tried the 56k (v.34only). Both times when I disconnected, as usual, the computer says I am disconnected, but my phone says "line in use" and they do not work. Since the modem has worked, I feel it is in good shape but there is a software problem. Additionally, I deleted all the configurations in the modem control panel (for instance one I called Earthlink), but when I tried to create a new one in the internet setup assistant it said there was already one called "Earthlink". This was even after deleting then shutting down, and after re-installing all the software. I'm at an impasse and am not sure what to do next. I would really appreciate any help.
    Note: I'm currently typing this on my kids computer. Our old 6115, that I upgraded with a new hard drive, CD-ROM, G3 upgrade and 128 meg of RAM. I find it works every bit as well as our 333 imac.

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    I've done some research and my problem seems "common" with other folks who have experienced lightning strikes nearby. I am now looking toward replacing the modem. Does anyone know what kind of modem will fit the 333 imac? There seems to be global village modems and apple modems for the blue and white G3s. Will these fit the imac? Thanks

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