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    After using Norton Utilities 6 to defragment and optimize my hard drive array (miscellaneous hard drives: seagate, ibm, quantum) four of them disappeared from the desktop upon rebooting the computer. I tried using scsi device finder and it gave information that the drive was not readable and could not be mounted. I tried updating the drivers to no avail. How do I recover my "missing" hard drives?


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    Oh man, Eric,

    ?That really sucks! FOUR of them?

    ?My first thought is: Disk Warrior. It's my second thought too. I have never been all that comfortable with Norton's 'do everything' approach to Macs. Disk Warrior does one thing: it fixes indexes on drives. And it does that VERY well.

    ?Gregory will probably pop in with some thoughts on Norton and what might have happened. If you want to look into DW goto DW is worth running on a regular basis just to keep your drives in tip top shape. Works well on OSX volumes as well.


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    Bummer. The files are backed up? You were using NUM 6.03 (current) when this happened? Misc array but hopefully any array was with matched drives (model and revision). Which driver?

    FWB HDT 4.5.2 is nice to have handy so you can use the FWB (SCSI) Configure tool.

    I would never run NUM w/o first running DW. That approach has worked safely for the last year numerous occasions. There use to be utilities that would do sector copy.

    Oh... it was defrag/optimize so we're talking SpeedDisk. An ounce of prevention, you want a backup first, so then, just erase or initialize, and restore. That is likely faster as well as safe. Not 100%. Which is why having TWO backups is safe. (backing up to two tapes or large IDE or something - at the same time - AND having another backup set that is say on the shelf or somewhere safe).

    I assume that you ran NUM and it didn't report errors.

    People want to defrag, I have to think they like watching, more than anything. It does give your drive and data a good workout. But so does the backup/restore.

    I tried Drive10 1.1.1 and it was SLOW even though I can backup and restore 20GB in 40 minutes it took over an hour, and that was a X15.2 Cheetah. And OS X has disk I/O that makes it worthwhile just for copying large amounts of data.

    We need to poll users, then archive the results. Or sign an agreement, "I will backup; I will use Disk Warrior (or TTPro) before or instead of Norton." Drive10 takes the DW approach to Volume Structure so we'll see when DW-X ships next month.

    I wonder what "Sad Macs" has to say on this?


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