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Thread: Replacing iMac Slot-loading Battery

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    How difficult is it to replace the backup battery in a slot-loading iMac? My iMac's clock resets everytime it gets unplugged and there is no way I'm going to bring my computer into an Apple dealer just to get a measly battery replaced. I'm somewhat familiar with the innards of an iMac (I've replaced the optical drive & hard drive before).

    I hate to open up the iMac again until I actually am going to replace the battery. So I need to know what kind of battery to purchase (is it the same kind that's been used in the older Macs (like the one in my 8500?) and what steps do I have to do after I replace the battery (what's this about making sure to reset the PMU or the battery only lasts 2 days? and how do i reset the PMU?). I'd greatly appreciate any information you can share concerning this.

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