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Thread: iBook RAM and associated problems

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    My wife's 1st generation bondi iBook has been having a series of odd problems which I think I've isolated to RAM (as of yesterday, virtual memory booted on startup and only one app could be open at a time). It started off with frequent crashes, and only restarting with a full reset - and often having to remove the battery and power supply before rebooting.

    My question: I believe that the 1st generation iBooks had 32MB hard-soldered to the motherboard. Will replacing the upgrade RAM stick help if it's the mobo's RAM that's misbehaving?

    The question within the question: Has anyone had a similar problem, and am I right in assuming RAM as the culprit?

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    Have you tried zapping the PRAM? How much memory is reported in Apple System Profiler or the Memory control panel? Will it boot without Virtual memory?

    All the memory is in SODIMM form. The original memory is located under/behind the processor card. Upgrade memory is installed in the top/front side.

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