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Thread: [.] Keyboard turning itself on/off on G3, please help!

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    I am on a G3, 350mhz, OS 9.0.2.
    I have a major problem with my keyboard suddenly starting
    to type - all on it's own when I type something on my Mac.
    Sometimes it just starts without me even touching the keyboard.
    It also turns itself on and off.
    The only way I have found out to turn on the keyboard again after it's been
    in a coma, it to open up the little application KeyCaps and push down
    all keys on my keyboard for a little while and then it comes back.
    A few times I had to restart to be able to get the keyboard working again.

    It's really weird and to me it looks like a virus, but I ran Virux scan and my
    machine is not effected by any virus.
    I also have checked both the USB ports, disconnect all unnecessary peripheral devices,
    also tried another keyboard [w/and withouth mouse] so I am sure the one I have is working perfectly.

    I am about to reformat my whole HD because of this, I am going crazy.
    Does anyone know what it can be and have the remedy for it?


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    Don't despair yet. There's tons of things you can try to rid yourself of this. Sounds more like a corrupt extension than a virus, not many Mac virus's anyway.

    First thing I would try would be to throw away the prefs files for the keyboard (keyboard preferences) and your general prefs file (general preferences) in the trash.

    Second thing I would try would be a upgrade of your OS to OS9.1 or 9.2. If you do a clean install your old system folder will be placed in a folder by the installer named, well, "old system folder'. That way you won't loose any extensions or preferences that it later turns out you wished you still had around.

    I would then go out and search for, download and install new drivers, and software for all your third party stuff that you can find. This will both get you current, something that should be done now and then anyway, and will replace that one little no-good so and so file that's probably causing you your grief.

    I like doing this once in a while. Sometimes you have to reinstall software like Photoshop to get all its libraries into the system folder but all in all a worthwhile project even without the issue of a huge problem like your keyboard thing is.

    Others will have other ideas. That's how I would start, I could have made a career out of the weird problems like this I've caused in my own computers.


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    This could also be a USB problem. Is the keyboard connected directly into the computer's USB port, as it should be? It's not recommended to plug a keyboard into a hub.

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