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Thread: startup w/M$ mouse

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    Here's one for the real pros. I encounter loss of start up conrol with a M$ wireless mouse plugged in. This only occurs with two ATA drives and two scsi drives are in place with bootable partitions on each drive. This occured on B&W G3 as well as new 933 G4. Problems appeared when I made second ATA drive bootable. When I unplug the wireless mouse system boots up normally, plug the wireless and always boots to SCSI drive. I have done the cuda/desktop/pram dance to no avail. Serial shimlib off or on seems to make no differance. I'm using M$ drivers, I even tried changing load order of USB extensions. BTW I will sell two M$ wirelice mice very cheap. They have not attained puberty yet so I am not certain if they will produce usable offspring.

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    Sounds like the little guy is pulling more juice than it should. Is it self-powered with an A/C adapter? Sounds more like a G4/SDRAM and USB issue that is suppose to be very rare. Some SDRAM is sensitive to too much voltage at startup (should be immune on reboot). And yea, real voodoo. Number of devices seems to trigger.

    I assume you run OS 9 and not OS X. USB Overdrive for X is a great driver and the author also writes the one for M$ I understand.

    Maybe the twins are having cross-talk the way twins have their own language -?


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