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Thread: Mini disk stuck in IMAC

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    Dumb question. I put a mini disk (business card) into my IMAC disk slot without realizing that it cannot handle it. Now its stuck. I've tried all the usual - hold the mouse down when you start - paper clip in the drive, etc. i sthere anything to do aside from brining it in? I;ve never opend my IMAC. Can I retrieve it myself?

    Thanks for any gyidance anyone can give me.

    feeling stupid.

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    You'll have to either open the case, or take it to a techie, to retreive the mini-disc.

    You could try holding the powered down mac with the CD slot pointed downward, and give it a shake. Don't drop it..........

    good luck

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    I had a professor on my campus do that with her Ti-Book.

    I managed to open the case and spin the disc around until the CD drive could grab it to eject it.

    With your iMac, you'll probably have to remove the drive, open it up, and remove the disc manually.

    If you search around the Apple site, I believe they have the service manuals available to the public, you could check the take apart instructions there, but beware, you may be voiding your warranty.

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