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Thread: AppleTalk and updating software

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    Hi again,

    Phew! I seem to have a glut of things going on with my iMac at the moment
    I've recently upgraded to MacOS9.1 from a disk burned by a friend. It didn't come with all the necessary OS9.1 software, so I've been gradually putting the rest on with 'Software Update'. Here's what I need to put on;

    - Authoring Support Update 1.15
    - Carbonlib 1.5
    - iMac firmware update 4.19
    - Airport driver update
    - Apple DVD player 2.7
    - Apple DVD player Z-2.7
    - Disc Burner

    My question is, I'm in the UK. Which version of the Apple DVD player do I download/ the normal 2.7 or the Z-2.7 ?

    My next question is that, since upgrading to 9.1 for some reason, AppleTalk stays on in the cotrol panels, despite the fact that I've turned it off in Extensions manager. I'm not on any AppleTalk network, this iMac just sits by itself with a printer and scanner. No other computers near it.

    I'm also loath to download the firmware update 4.19 as I've heard people haing so many problems with these kinds of updates.

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    I've heard no report of problems with iMac Firmware Updates. I recommend installing it. Apple has a reason for wanting to update the Firmware, and since that updates been out a while with no negative reports, I suspect it'll be fine.

    Don't remove Appletalk. You may need it in the future! Instead, just change the control panel to use "Remote Only" so that even if it does get turned on, it won't effect anything.

    Good Luck!

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