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Thread: Kernel JoyPort Troubles

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    Can anyone provide me with some help getting my Kernel Productions JoyPort ADB working in my PowerTower Pro/PowerLogix G3 400 upgraded clone running 9.1? The JoyPort is a box that lets you hook up video game controllers from SEGA/Playstaion/N64 or PCs to the Mac. Kernel makes a USB and an ADB version, I have the ADB. The software and hardware all seem to work except the machine locks up whenever I attempt to create new settings for a game or edit the existing settings provided with the software.

    Just in case you're wondering, I have sent multiple emails to Kernel ( with no response. Their phone number has an answering machine with a message that says they'll get back to you. I'm beginning to wonder if they're still in business. Anyone know?

    Thanks - Hap

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    I would try narrowing down if an Extension conflict is the cause. If you don't have Conflict Catcher, Casady & Greene offers a 72 hour demo that should give you plenty of time to track down the conflict.

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