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Thread: iMac keyboards

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    Can anyone help me locate manuals or information about
    repairing/take apart procedures for iMac keyboards.
    A student (gotta love em) spilled something on one and I
    searched Apple's sight but could not find anything to help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Tom L.

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    Basically, just remove all externally accessible screws and GENTLY pry the two halves apart along the bottom of the keyboard (below the space bar). Remove the USB hub/cable assembly, which will get all the important electronics out.

    Depending on what you spilled in there - juice and soft drinks tend to kill keyboards by shorting out connections - you may or may not be able to recover the full use of the keyboard. If it was simply water, you should be OK. NB: the keyboard might work fine for all but one column of keys. (For example, one of the Apple Pro Keyboards was recently killed at my college by encountering an unfortunate amount of Coke. Everything but the B, G, T, 5, and F4 keys worked fine afterwards. Not fixable, so they pitched it.)

    If you want to try and clean it to better assess the damage, once you have the USB hub/cable and associated electronics out, put the keyboard in the dishwasher WIHTOUT SOAP. Make sure you use a COLD (or at least not hot) water wash, and DO NOT DRY IT. When the wash cycle is complete, remove the keyboard and air-dry everything for 24-48 hours. If it doesn't work perfectly (TechTool Pro is a great keyboard testing utility, but Apple's Key Caps will work if you pay close attention), toss it. Nothing is more annoying than a keyboard with one or two dead keys...


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