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    System: Beige G3, Apple 2930U2B scsi card, Seagate ST318437LW (2), OS 9.0.4.
    1) Drives are formatted w/ FWB 4.5 when formatted w/ Apple Drive Setup drives are very slow.
    2) I have the Apple SCSI cable/terminator which supposed to be LVD capable but FWB tells me the bus is single-ended. (Cable is not twisted). How do I get to LVD.

    3) When copying in finder I get 22 MB/sec w/ extensions off and 7 MB/sec with extensions turned on. Is this normal ?

    Thanks in advance for any clarity !

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    The FWB format worked for me also, much faster for my single ended drives. Little difference between FWB and Apple Drive Setup was shown in my testing when I had a LVD bus.

    I'd say go after the cables and terminator.

    If you want to test your bus to see if it's LVD pick up a Granite Digital terminator that has indicator lights.
    That will instantly tell you if you need to replace your cables. Are you sure that's a 2930U2b and not a 2940U2b. I don't know the spec for that card so I can't speak to it's suitability.

    Your Barracudas should get mid to high 20s in both read and write I would guess. Your drives have a 2mb buffer and that will certainly slow things compared to the larger buffered drives. Are you using a benchtest program like ATTOs to test with? I would also say that you shoould not see a great difference in performance just because the extensions are on. I always tested with extensions on.(I need to try testing with them off to see what happens)

    Many LVD cables are not twisted pair.

    Sorry this response is so late.


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    the latest Drive Setup 2.0.7 seems to finally work better on more drives. The 2940U2B is fussy about what cables and terminators it likes. And a poor quality terminator can slow things down in half. Another culprit is 3rd party drivers for FireWire and such.

    9.0.4 has a habit of leaving stuff in the temporary (invisible) folder and not moving them to the trash or as "Rescued Items" as it should. AutoPurge run on startup or booting into 9.1 will trash those items. I never loved 9.0/9.0.4 and 9.2.1 seems faster etc, even 9.1 has more native ppc code in the system.

    I used FWB HDT 4.5 but it isn't recommended for X.1 so I went back to Drive Setup, SoftRAID, and Apple RAID (X.1).


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