Boy, ya really don't think much of it ever happenin' to ya 'til it does!

I finally had my first near death exp..
Last week I was just sort of merrily in the process of reformatting my two small, slow, and old internal ata's (1.5 gb each) in my b&w, as well as generally shuffling things around, gettin' ready ta do some serious backups onto to my fw's...
Well, I was in HDST and thought since, well, my fw's were bein' driven by it, why not have it take over the ata's as well..
So I dragged one of 'em over into the take over window; forget which one by now (actually, wished I'd remembered)
Ok so it did its thing -giving me the message 'successful take over'

Freeze city-
Tried to command-option-escape; nothin'-
Tried a force quit on HDST; got a system bomb with cursur lock also.
I thought ok, I screwed up; the ata didn't want to be run by HDST- I'll just force restart and that'll clear things up like it always does..Maybe just have to update driver on it with Drive Setup-
So fine, start up screen comes up, the usual...'starting up..
The 'starting up...' tube gets about 3/8 going then stops..
I wait- and I wait: nothin'
So I push restart button again- same exact behavior.
By now I'm thinkin' "Oh Boy, my first real serious screwup"
So then I thought ok, I'll try startin'up from NDD cd (I had to pinhole the cd tray open)
NDD gets loaded but no cd icon or folder..
Now I'm thinkin I'm in DEEP dudu! I can't even run an emergency disk.

By now I have visions of dragging the Yose to the repair shop with tail firmly tucked between legs..or calling Apple( Ugh!)
So finally after I settled down a bit, I conjectured I just crashed my hard drive. Then I got to thinkin....- (meanwhile, I'm desperately searching the handbooks and the forum-from my daughter's machine- for info on what to do in this case)

It probably isn't my startup drive (OEM 6 gb Maxtor)- because the screen appearance of everything looks right and it begins to start in the normal fashion. It must be one of two small ata's...

OK so I yanked the little bastards (I don't yet have DW which I understand could maybe rebuild their directories starting from DW cd)
I crossed my fingers and voila! She started up just fine. I then restarted from NDD cd and ran a full scan on everything, then did same with DFA with minor repairs found and fixed by both. Needless to say, I immediately did a drag copy of everything onto my fw, and finished up my Retrospect setup.

I'll probably just leave those drives out for now since I'm probably going to do a scsi thing and they were both pieces of crap anyway.
I'm lucky here by the skin of my teeth 'cause nothing was yet backed up onto the fw's. If it had been my startup drive..I shudder to think... -gm