I have an old PM 7500, upgraded to 400Mhz G3 via carrier zif, and an UW Jackhammer with 2 9gig Barracudas, and an ati 128 card, 448MB RAM, and it started to act strange, locking up and such, monitor flickering, after having been extremely reliable for many years.

Last night, I turned it on, it worked for awhile, and I was testing with extensions off, and it froze up. Not an extension problem I though. When I went to reboot, I got no chime and black screens, but still had power to the fan in the power supply. I hit the interrupt swith, and went to restart, and then nothing happened.

The Green LED flashes once, and I hear a click and Buzzing from the power supply. THe fan does not spin up on the power supply, nothing. As things started to act strange, I did check the PRAM Batt, and it was fine.

So Is the power supply dead??? Is there a way I can use my Multi meter to test it??

I look forward to your replies, as I respect the opinions of every member here. Someday, I hope to loose the jr. in front of member myself.