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Thread: 8100/110/Newertech G3 CPU upgrade PROBLEM

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    I have loaded the G3 software before installing the cards..I know that PDS
    video card must be forced in the 3rd slot ('cause I've a Digidesign Exp.chassies with his card forced on 2nd slot) and so I've forced the flex connector on it...(it is usual for ProTools users)OS loading
    ok,but.......monitor is black!!!!......were is the problem..have I damage the
    flex connector?????????
    Newertech is out of business....anyone know a E-mail or
    site) that can substitute the flex cable in US? I'm in Italy....need help

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    What OS version? What version of the Newer software? I take it you are getting a chime? Have you removed the motherboard L2 cache card?

    Some troubleshooting:

    1. Without changing your configuration, zap the PRAM. From a cold startup, immediately hold down cmd-opt-p-r and hold them down for at least three successive startup chimes, then release the keys. If no screen, shutdown and go to next step.

    2. Check the pins for the pass-through on the G3 card, if you can remove the pass-through cable, for all pins straight, nothing mashed.

    3. While it is called flexible, the pass-through is really delicate, to use Newer's terminology, or fragile in my opinion, based on other reports. I would remove the Digidesign card and try the Newer setup with the HPV card in the middle slot where it is supposed to be and see if that works. Check/reseat the G3 card in the PDS slot and the pass-through cable at both ends. Also check that your monitor cable is fully seated in the HPV card connector. The monitor cable is heavy. Prop it up for the moment with something to keep it from drooping where it connects to the HPV card. Try a startup.

    I don't know of anywhere you can get a substitute flex cable without buying one, such as eBay.

    That should get you started on troubleshooting. Understand that your problem could be related to RAM that is not fast enough. My NuBus machines with G3 cards from Newer and Sonnet never saw anything less than 60ns 2k refresh RAM, once I installed the G3 cards.

    Others will be along with more ideas. k

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    Also try resetting the logic board... remove the logic board from the chassis to access the PRAM battery. Remove the PRAM battery. Do something else for 10 or 15 minutes, then when you return hold down the power button (top left of board) for a few seconds.

    Then return the setup to the original 8100 to see if it works as normal, and add components one at a time until you get a failure. For example, dont install the Digidesign stuff; just try the Newer card by itself... That helps you narrow down a faulty component.

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