I'm getting the following strange behavior on my "modified" PowerWave (OS 9.04, NewerTech G3 300/512, JackHammer PCI, Rage Orion graphics card, Firewire Direct USB combo card): This behavior is an intermitent, rough sort of herky jerky mouse behavior coupled with windows and dialog boxes that open and close in slow motion (you can see the concentric rectangular outlines of them as they slowly open and close), plus delayed response to keystrokes and mouse clicks. As stated, this behavior is intermitent and I never know when it is going to start or end. Sort of comes and goes in waves. As I'm writing this note, there has been several bouts of it occuring where my keystrokes are not immediately displayed, then suddenly they come up on the screen (including the mistakes).Very irritating!

I've tried: Rebuilding the desktop, Zaping the PRAM, multiple Zaping of the PRAM followed by an immediate restart with extensions off and the trashing the Finder and Display Preferences followed by regular restart. Replacing enabler files, changing startup drive, etc., etc., etc. Problem goes away for a short while after each of these remedies, but then it comes back.

Could this possibly be caused by the incompatability between MacOS 9.04 and the JackHammer PCI? Or possibly the Rage Orion starting to fail? Any help will be much appreciated.