I bought a 9600 mobo on eBay and it was listed as having a problem. So I thought "Heck, for a cheap price, what do I have to lose?" Well, it came a while back and I just put it into a spare 9600 case and plugged it in. I put a HD from my 7500 onto the factory bus. The seller initially said no RAM no nothing, but I talked them into tossing in 2 16MB sticks. They checked in at 70ns old-old-style RAM. I put them in my 7500 and it fired up and the RAM checked out via XLR8 SW for 1 hour. So I installed the 32MB onto the mobo. Then dropped in a 200Mhz 604e processor card from a 9600. I crossed my fingers and hit the power key. I got the chime, the video signal light flickered "on" the monitor for a couple seconds, but then went back to its sleep-blink. So I powered off and restarted. Same thing. I tried a new battery. Same thing. I reset the PRAM (Cuda and key-combo at restart) and same thing. No video. The HD would never act up more than the initial whirrs and clicks. But here is where it gets weird.

After about 10 of these trials, I could get no startup chime. Nothing. So I unplugged everything (battery, power cord and PS connection). Let it sit for about an hour. Same deal happened when I plugged it all in. The chime for a bunch of startup attempts. Never any video.

Before I get pounced on, I paid $50 for it, so I really don't feel too burnt. And the things happening to me are the things the seller said he had. He stated it made the crashing glass sound upon startup one day and then began this behavior I have now. I never got that sound from this board (yet). So I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas where to go from here, other than Paperweight # 73.