Hey all,

My 7500 with carrier card and a G3/333 has suddenly come up lame. When booting off of the HD it'll crash w/o a message, usually within 5 minutes (even if idle). The system had been running fine for just about a year.

After weeks of swapping RAM, removing disks, reordering PCI cards and generally yanking out everything I noticed a 'crimp' in the power hook-up to the CD (may have broken insulation slightly) and, fearing the worst, assumed some kind of short. Fortunately I had an extra 7500 laying around and grabbed the parts from the working one to put into the fresh board. I backed-up and blanked the drives and reinstalled the OS fresh with no other apps/3rd party stuff installed aside from the XLR8 stuff and the Voodoo drivers (which have been stable in that and other rigs). No change.

I have a MilesU2W, Voodoo3 and USB card in the PCI slots (Miles in the mastering slot, I believe... 3 right? closest to CPU slot?). 256 MB of RAM (mixed 60 and 70ns... though an 'all 60' setup didn't help). A 4GB Barracuda replaced the original drive and I added a 9GB LVD Barracuda as well (no help removing that card/drive either). The CD is a Plextor.

My question is, any ideas where to go next? I've been thinking about getting a new ZIF and some fresh RAM from the good gurus, though I'd like to avoid getting both if I could-- and I'd hate to get one and find out the other is messed up (or something I havn't thought of yet). Unfortunately I can't find either the original 601 or the 604/132 I replaced it with to try going backwards.

Sorry for the long flood of info for an odd problem. Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

-- Keeya