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Thread: 8100 won't power up...anymore.

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    I would say that regardless of whether the drive was working or not, when you bought it, it should have included the termination resistor packs, unless it was sold in some kind of AS-IS condition or some such.

    But, yes, without the termination resistor packs you can't put that drive on teh end of a SCSI cable. If your cable permits, you could move it to C3 on SCSI bus 1.

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    right. Generally, missing terminator packs mean the drive cannot be terminated--and an unterminated bus will not work correctly.

    you can use such a drive in the middle of a bus, as long as the end of the bus is terminated by a terminator or a drive with termination enabled.

    there is one exception, and I hesitate to mention it. Some drives that used termination resistors also had a pair of jumper pins in the same area. Their use varied. In some cases, they enabled or disabled the termination provided by resistor packs. In other cases.....they were a defacto replacement for the resistor packs....and toggled termination circuitry on the controller on or off. It's been a long time since I looked at drives this old, so take all this with a grain of salt.

    such a drive, with missing termination resistors, would also work well in an external enclosure, where termination is handled externally by an actual terminator.

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    ok here's something to throw u guys

    I had exactly the same problem with a st151010 seagate or somethin like that no. neway. the drive eventually buggered again it was from ebay, fortuately it was just under warranty. neway to cut to the chase I put the drive in my 6400 and it worked no problem! so I looked at termination etc and didn't seem to make a difference. anyway as a longshot since my ext cd writer is buggered I put the drive in that and low and behold it fired up first time no problem and works perfectly in the ext box. and I could plug my buggered well semi-buggered cd writer inside the 8100 case and that functioned to it;s very dodgy capability. so I never did figure out why it didn't work but in an ext drive it works a treat and it is

    that's my 2 cents

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