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Thread: Add Apple External CD to Centris 650

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    Since I'm in a wild upgrading mood--does anyone know how I can add my External Apple CD to my Centris (w/PPC 601 card) internally. I can connect the CD drive but don't have any settings to set termination, ID etc. CD not recognized by default. Any thoughts, suggestons?

    Many thanks!!!!!

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    Having never seen an old Apple CD player after it was removed from the external case, this may not be easy to answer. The answer depends on what else is on the SCSI bus. Most internal Apple CD players have no termination pins (and yours may not either. It may have used a huge external terminator on the back of the external case).

    Assuming that it can't be terminated, it can't go at the end of the SCSI chain. Normally the HD is at the end of the chain and terminated. The CD player normally is set to ID=3. You should see pairs of pins marked 0, 1, 2 or A0, A1, A2. You want jumpers on the pinsets 0 and 1 which will give you ID=3.

    If there is any other device on the bus, let us know. You can use SCSI Probe to check ID's.

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