I have a Starmax 5500 and its hard drive died without warning. The drive is a Seagate 1.5G IDE. Saturday night it was just fine. Sunday morning on boot up it give an unmistakeable click every 4 secs. I used both Norton disk doctor and Disk First Aid from OEM software but the drive is not even recognized, (and therefore not repairable?)

Should I replace the original with a used HD or a new one? If I replace the original with a used HD do I need to use the same brand? I have always seen Quantum and Seagate in Macs.)

Next, I tried a used Western Digital 1G IDE hard drive (which I later read is a junk hard drive.) I plugged it in. It spins but I can't mount it. What do I have to do to mount and/or format the drive so that the machine recognizes it? Is it possible (or wise)to use this drive? I have HD Tool Kit but the drive doesn't appear when the bus is scanned.