excellent advice, gentlemen. Walking away when you are frustrated will always help.

Sarah, make sure that you reseat the Miles2, and disconnect all cables attached to it, when you update it to firmware 1.06b. Make sure you use a compatible version of SmartSCSI to do it, and follow the directions on how to execute the update carefully. It is not the easiest firmware update to execute, and the procedure is not well-documented, IMO.

they key is to ensure that you have the correct versions in the same FOLDER. Initio makes this even harder by using confusing naming conventions for these files.

once you have reseated the Miles2 and flashed it successfully, then you can update drivers on your Cheetahs with SoftRAID 2.2.2 or Drive Setup 1.9.2, whatever you are using.

then you can return to your clean install, and then use the Software Update control panel to update.

remember the edifice must have a stable foundation, or it will come crashing down.

and Louie is right: memory is the great pretender.

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