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    Hi guys. I am trouble shooting a problem here. My network utility is telling me I am receiving errors when I am connected to a brand new hub and not even connected to a server! the hub is not connected to anything at all. The cable is good cat 5e. I am miffed! I have an airport PCI card installed and it works fine and gets no errors. I also have a G5 on the network (once it is all setup) and it gets no errors. I have changed all but the ethernet port on my machine? I guess it could be buggered.... The machine connects fine tho. maybe a glitch with network utility... The reason I am looking into this is because I have two Xserves with a client and both are receiving lots of errors. I had another client on a managed network that also received errors and it actually brought the machine to a halt whilst playing the Adobe CS demo. and when it was updated Firmware it was fine.. So I'm wondering is this a fault in network utility? ? I just want to eliminate it....


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    Hey, you told me you were an expert! Last time I ask you for advice when I'm installing a kitchen!!

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