I have an old Mac clone that I use for document scanning and faxing. It runs on 8.6 and has been chugging along since 1997. The scanner won't work with anything above 8.6 so I can't migrate it to another one of my machines.

I have a network with a D-Link router. However I can't seem to get this old dog to talk to any Mac or Windows XP machine that's on the network. I know the nic works because I can access the net via Explorer and Netscape.

I've reviewed all the networking documents on the Apple support site and nothing really helps.

Is it wishful thinking that I can get a Panther machine to see this old beast when I scan the local network? If so, how?

Right now, I'm wearing out my shoe leather walking these files back and forth on an old Zip drive. Sneakernet at it's best!

Stephen Kennedy