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Thread: KVM switch - which one?

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    I am about ready to take the plunge to hook up my new G5, old 7600, and LaCie e19bIV monitor using only 1 mouse, and one keyboard. I am tired of having to switch my monitor/mouse/keyboard hookups everytime I want to boot from the other computer. TZ mentioned KVM switches as a solution, and I think it's time.

    I just did a Google search and found a sight that looks promising, but they offer 5 different 2-port switches with prices from $39-89. I want to buy the right one, not necessarily the cheapest.

    If someone feels like checking out this link: KVM Switches I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Or to a different page/product.

    Im finally getting the hang of this networking stuff and but want it all to work seamlessly (or at least non-clunkily).


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    When mixing ADB systems and USB, there is no "perfect" solution, KVM or not. I still keep ADB keyboard to access "C" and other keys that are needed before USB is present on Beige and earlier. (I keep one ADB keyboard on top of a CRT).

    Dr. Bott has some. MacIntouch has a KVM troubleshooting report. IOGear has had mixed reviews on their equipment.

    I almost invested in a new monitor (CRT or LCD avaiable) that has TWO VGA or DVI and VGA inputs. So that eliminates the monitor portion. $700 but saves space and nice 18-9" LCD. Good KVMs can run $99-139. Watch out for how often the USB is "polled" and auto-detection, sensed, whether it works with 'sleep' or 'deep sleep' too.

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    We have used these Iogear, both 2 and 4 port USB model. Worked fine, but it has a three second delay between changing which can be annoying.

    Currently using the 8 port version of this Dr. Bott, with six OS 10 boxes, one Win2000 box, and one FreeBSD box. No Problems. I would recommend the Dr. Bott.

    TZ is correct about the ADB thing. You have to go with a USB KVM for your G5, but beige Macs don't have problem, just add a USB card, right?

    Not Quite. The drivers that control the USB PCI card load too late for most of the keyboard startup shortcuts to work.

    The work around was either:

    1) leave a ADB keyboard plugged in and tucked away for the rare times you need it at startup (still using the single monitor via the KVM)

    2) shut down via the USB KVM and plug in an ADB keboard, then reboot.

    For us the main thing was sharing the monitor because of space limitations, so either was an acceptable solution. If you can stand a second keyboard hangin' around, go for it.


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