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Thread: long range wireless

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    I'm wondering about good ways to get my home G4 400MHz OS 10.2.5 machine
    to connect with my campus wireless network, a few kilometers away over a relatively
    flat ground but with many obscuring obstacles. The Airport base station provides for
    an external antenna, both directional and omnidirectional, and says that it increases
    the range, but I can't find what the range is increased to. Also, if there are cheaper/better
    options then I'd like to know.


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    I for one, would not want my campus network being open to anyone in such a wide range. however, if you read the news, some communities and towns in UK have created a public wireless infrastructure.

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    Does your campus have outdoor antennas? If so, you may be able to get one of these antennas with the proper cabling and connectors attatched to an airport card in your G4. Place the antenna somewhere high on your home or flat, and attempt to aim it at one of your campus' outdoor antennas. Lightning protection would probably be a good idea. I believe the new airports can do wireless bridging as well.

    If your campus does NOT have outdoor antennas, you may have to set up a link on both ends, using a normal base station on the campus side and a wireless bridge on your end.

    I live about 200 yards from my campus' closest outdoor antenna. (I'm a IT emplyee there) so I simply aimed the existing high-gain antenna directly at my house. My iBook picks up the signal just fine.

    There are plenty of web sites out there featuring people who are experimenting with long range links. The farthest I've seen so far is around 70 miles, using VERY high gain antennas and amplifiers.

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