On the road the other day, I heard a short news item touting Etherlinx's testing of 802.11b Wi-Fi 2Mb/s SOHO/consumer service. They've been testing in two SF Bay Area locations (Campbell and Oakland) and it looks like they're about to go live with it. Hardware costs around $150 per customer.

cf. http://www.kcbs.com/pages/kcbs/news/...gory=Computers

The news item doesn't detail planned service charges.

While looking for that article, my search also yielded one technical article at

describing NextNet's "wireless director", a non-line-of-sight 2.5GHz product they've named "Expedience". 3.2Mb/s over the link and, again, a 20 mile service area per cell.

Living in the Rural-Residential areas off the fringe of Silly-Cone Valley, there's no cable system and SBC/PacBell decided our CO wasn't worth plumbing for DSL. Man-o-man, I want to see 20 mile radius wireless broadband service for a reasonable cost!

Anyone hear anything else about the two outfits above or competitive products and services to them? Got any thoughts on the when we might see deployment beyond limited test-case service points?