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Thread: SIIG or Sonnett?

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    Just a couple of quick questions... Current setup=Sonnett Tempo 66 w/2 7200 RPM Maxtors in B&W G4. Considering replacing Tempo with a newer 133 Tempo or SIIG. Any pros or cons on the brands? BTW Both drives are formatted with X Disk utility can they transfer to the SIIG with out reformatting?


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    First thought, why upgrade the controller unless you need to use > 127GB drives? Sonnet support lacking for Jag/Panther on the ATA66?

    The drives should transfer. I forget the particulars, but DU should make it so the drives work on SCSI-style SIIG/ACard as well as ATA-based card.

    Doing it for RAID or are you expecting better performance? Your B&W is stuck at 53MB/s and 'suffocating' for better I/O.

    If you want to protect your FireWire ports, or need add'l USB ports, I'd look into the Sonnet Trio if you need to convserve PCI slots. Just one more option.

    Only by putting a controller that is 66 MHz capable can you do better, and for most users, I don't see or notice any drop in performance by putting the Radeon Mac in a 33 MHz slot and putting disk controller in the 66 slot. But then I don't know which if any ATA controllers would work. The FirmTek SATA will, but that's another story.

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