Like an idiot, I've left SCSI behind, and gone IDE with my 2002 QS 733.

I got a SIIG Raid card, and a pair of IBM 120GXPs (which apparantly don't have the heat problems that the 75GXPs had), and set up the hardware RAID.

The OSX boot partition is first, then the storage partion, the the 9.2.2 partition.

Here's the wierd problem:
I CCCloned my stock drive onto the new OSX partition
It boots, but not without a broken folder.
It doesn't broken folder and hang, it goes:
Happy Mac, broken folder, welcome to OSX.

It also takes longer to boot than the stock drive.

This isn't the computer looking for the drive, as I get a half second of folder before the Happy Mac.

I thought it might be the OS, so I reinstalled/updated to current.

Any thoughts?