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Thread: I wish I had some sort of any clue what I was doing

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    I have a rev 2 b & w g3 with a happy little 12 gb harddrive that just isn't cutting it any more. So I am hopping to upgrade my computer the only way kids these days want to do it... by adding something 10 times better then it was before. In this case that means a 120 gb harddrive. Beyond wanting to do that i have to admit that my knowledge of IDE storage is incredibly weak. I am under the impression that an IDE harddrive is cheaper and faster then firewire. Is this true? And should I upgrade my computer with like and ata 100 or better card? Then what should I try to do about getting a harddrive? I am seriously lost. If anyone can offer me advice, or if need be just sent me to somewhere where I can learn more about this issue (I don't mind researching stuff myself i just haven't found anywhere that answers my questions yet) that would be great. Thanks

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    Let's see if I can help you get 'unlost' in this tangle of unknowns.

    With a rev 2 you can add a 2nd IDE drive easy enough, making sure to put a jumper on the new drive set to 'slave.' The PCI IDE is probably a good idea and while ATA/133 controllers don't seem to offer any real world improvement except if you want larger than 120GB (what WILL you do with all that room! 10x it is then).

    Seagate has a Barracuda V 120GB model due out this summer sporting 8MB cache. IBM 120GXP 120GB is another option.

    If you go the PCI IDE route, getting two identical 60GB drives might be the way to go, then use a RAID IDE card.

    Places that have information on drives, upgrades, B&W G3: is a good one and has a searchable database as well as reports on IDE, RAID controllers, and B&W G3 issues (mostly rev 1 problems).

    The B&W is not bootable from FireWire so while it is fine for some uses and backup, it is not a good primary storage option. (You can put your 12GB drive in a FW case and use it that way, but no need, just leave it in your Yosemite, there is room for 4 drives, two in the U-bracket on the right, two more across the bottom.

    Reviews, reports, benchmarking of drives as well as news over on is another good source of info (after you print out or scan the dozens of pages and links on the 'Gurus of course!)

    If you haven't already, RAM is likely a good investment and upgrade option, and I would expect prices to rise slightly (they were extremely low for a year but that seems to be ending). A G4/550 is an awesome improvement. And OS X 10.1 or 10.2 will really run well on your Yosemite as well. Of course, spending $700 on three year old technology when new G4's are due out, or older G4's go for $1200 might give pause, but doable, fun, and you can take it one step at a time rather than outlay that much.

    G4/550 $275
    PCI IDE $79-199
    120GB $150
    2 x 256MB RAM $120
    OS X 10.2 $129


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    Gregory got most all of it. Not sure where your trying to go - your uses.. music, games, storage... What are your needs?

    I would at least get your total RAM to 512MB+ and a PCI ATA 100/133 card with the drive you choose - or go with two drives as Gregory mentioned.

    An ATA host card and new hard drive will in itself will produce a 2x to 3x in your machine.


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    I'd agree w/Randy, if you're gonna have your Yosemite open, stick some RAM in there as well. The whole "size" issue, is more a matter of preference-vs-$$$$$.

    If you absolutely have to have 10x the storage space, it will be more expensive than 20-60GB drive.

    On a side note;

    Even though my 9500 is almost to its' fullest potential (need to get a PCI-Radeon w/Charisma and max out the RAM), I've often wondered this:

    If one were to install a PCI- ATA/(E)IDE card and slap a ___GB HDD and a ATAPI CD-ROM, CD/R,CD-R/W on the same buss (I haven't really looked into any ATA cards, so I'm assuming that they're just "single" channel cards) would the CD_(insert flavor) be bootable if jumpered to slave.

    While I do know you're not supposed to put a removable drive on the same bus as HDD's, I just want to know the "why".


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    ?It actually doesn't matter with IDE whether you install a slow ATAPI CD type drive with a HD. IDE will only access one drive at a time, no matter what, per channel, so one drive has no affect on another.

    ?Most good quality ATA100 or ATA133 cards are 2 channel. Most ATA100 or ATA133 host cards make the drives appear as SCSI devices. I'm not sure if that matters with the host being ATAPI or EIDE compatible for optical drives or not, but compatibility is the operative word with IDE bus's. You should do your research and make sure that the card manufacturer states ATAPI or EIDE compatibility.

    ?Where you have seen not to mix slow optical's with fast hard drives is in scsi where we get concurrent access and the optical will hold the HD down to the optical's best speed.


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