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Thread: Using External Monitor with PowerBook G3

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    Hi. I'm running X on a PowerBook G3, I have an NEC AccuSync 70 monitor that I connect to the laptop with the converter cable provided by Apple. I would like to know how I can close the lid on the powerbook and yet keep the monitor from sleeping intermittently. talks about synchronizing the two displays' refresh rates but I don't think that is the issue here. Also, if anyone knows how I can close the lid on the Mac without it disconnecting my internet connection, I'd be much obliged. Failing any solution, is there any harm to running the powerbook with the lid partially closed (but open enough so that the display stays on?) Oh, I'm using a macally iKey external keyboard and a Kensington Orbit trackball (both on USB), in case the use of either of those is important to know.

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    Did you disable Sleep in the Energy Saver control panel? I don't own any PBooks, so I'm a little out of my depth here.

    I do know that there is no issue with running it with the lid slightly open; it's just kind of a pain in the butt.

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    I thought that there was a comment about using an Apple USB keyboard with a Power Key - if you used that then you could run your powerBook with the lid shut and an external monitor

    Oh = I know what it was...

    I think that the key was to have your laptop up and running with the external display mirroring your laptops and using an external USB keyboard that had a power on key.. if you then put your machine to sleep and closed the lid, pressing a key on the external keyboard should then turn it on and wake up the external screen...

    some hints here:

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    From what I've read there aren't issues running Lombard or Pismo Powerbooks while shut. There have been issues of the Titaniums overheating so you won't be able to bring this trick with you.

    If you have an external keyboard with a power switch you can start your computer up with it. I have not heard a lot of success reports from shutting a powerbook while working.

    As far as keyboards go, Apple axed the power switch (though we all loved it) right around the time the Ti PowerBook was released. Just a cooincidence? Hmm...

    You can find used ones on eBay:

    Or go new with something like MacAlley:

    I'd lean towards MacAlly as the narrower design of Apples looked cool, but cut down on your comfort and type speed.


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